Experts count these two performers among the well-established ensembles of their generation. For nine years Marta Kllimasara and Jürgen Spitschka have been concerting together as duo. Composers like Marcin Blaszewicz or Lothar Voigtländer have dedicated works to them. In his review about the “7. Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik” published in the nmz in May 2006 Martin Demmler calles them a „phenomenal percussion duo“ and one of the festival’s highlights. Marta Klimasara and Jürgen Spitschka are recorded by diverse broadcasting companies and they are guest artists at renowned concert series or festivals such as “Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik”, European Music Festival Stuttgart, Traunsteiner Sommerkonzerte or Lüneburger Bachwochen.

Marta Klimasara
The young polish musician has been living in Germany since 1994. In autumn 2001 Marta Klimasara was recommended the first prize in the percussions discipline of the International ARD Music Contest in Munich, which is a very rare and high-standing honour. Marta Klimasara was also decorated with the prize of the public for her winning charm and personality. Today Marta Klimasara is a highly acknowledged percussionist. She takes part in international Festivals in Warsaw, Paris and Vienna and produces radio and television recordings with the Bavarian and Hessian Broadcasting Companies. Since autumn 2004 Marta Klimasara has been professor at the Hoschschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst at Stuttgart.

Jürgen Spitschka
After being educated in Jazz and Popular Music Jürgen Spitschka dedicated his interest to the classic percussion at the age of fourteen. He took first-class honours for his percussion studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart and became member of the soloist-programme. Due to his musical and stylistic varieties Jürgen Spitschka is a guest on many international stages and concert series. Since May 2002 he has been percussionist at the Staatstheater Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart.